Herman Cain
Herman Cain has been getting slammed recently by the establishment types who fear his rising popularity. So when the announcement that Mr. Cain had a sexual harassment claim against him, they grasped at it like drowning sailors for a life ring.

The rumblings had been building for days as Herman Cains message of radical tax changes, smaller government and self reliance gained traction throughout the country. In many polls he is the front runner, meaning he has a big target on his back and the critics aren't holding back.

But this is the GOP primary, which is usually reserved for the internecine fights between GOP candidates and usually doesn't draw in the liberal establishment at this point.

But this is different. Before the announcement of the harassment claim, Mr. Cain had been subjected to the same sort of hi tech lynching of his character that Clarence Thomas had to bear many years ago. Seems that the left doesn't approve of a conservative black man who lives and speaks his beliefs. Mr. Cain is wayward from the "groupthink" that is the hallmark of the liberal black establishment, so the long knives came out for him.
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------------------------The usual suspects stepped up to the microphone to criticize the audacity of a black conservative who dares to run for the high public office. Harry Belafonte called Herman Cain a "bad apple", but at the same time praised Fidel Castro. Princeton University professor Cornel West said Cain's remarks reflect a "coldness toward poor people." Julian Bond said “I am not aware of anything Herman Cain has done to uplift black people specifically.” You must be joking Julian! Even others have said it is a GOP strategy to say our best friend is black.

You would think the liberal black establishment would be proud to see Herman Cain rising to first position in the GOP race. But just the contrary, he is being met with resistance. Fox News commentator and former NPR commentator Juan Williams was outraged about the amount of venom spewed toward Herman Cain and said so on the radio today.

Whatever comes out of all of this, I think it has done one thing for sure: Unmasked a liberal glass ceiling of racism which many Americans didn't know was there.

Mr. Cains challenge is that he must meet this harassment charge head on and deal with it, just like he has done with other obstacles faced in the past. Herman Cain can look on this as an opportunity to emerge even stronger, if he can pull it off. The American people like him and want him to succeed.

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