The decline of the old main stream media, is offset by the rise in popularity of alternative sources of information, cable news, talk radio and the internet. This has introduced us to a new type of journalist, not seen before on the airwaves because they were never given a seat at the main stream medias table: The conservative pundits, lead by Irish Americans and their distinctive pugnacious style. Everyday we can invite these personalities into our homes for a bit of journalistic pugilism, Irish American style. Hey we’re not fighting we’re just having a family get together.

This has caused lots of angst among the established media as they get unseated from their thrones and Americans get to hear the other part of the story, something denied to them before: The unvarnished truth, warts and all.

Leading the way for this new media are such superstars as Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Pat Buchanan & Megan Kelly…With them you know there will be a journalistic brawl Irish style and there will be no backing down. Guests must prove their point with facts, sound bytes don’t work on these guys, you need to back up your stand intellectually with facts, or be exposed. There are no softballs when you sit in the chair opposite these tough Irish people.

For years all we got was a left dominated media filtering our information. We seldom heard, or got a chance to hear a point of view polar opposite to the established media. No more are we going to settle for a script reading pompous newscaster telling us we are getting all of the news we need to know.

And a special shout out to the politicians who want to insert the “Fairness” Doctrine into our media because YOU don't like America getting the other side of the story….Don’t even try. Americans now know what the other side of the story is and we don’t need government censoring what we see and hear. Do you hear us?