The leader of the US Senate said our private sector is doing fine, but it's the public sector that needs help. I suppose if your sealed living environment is Washington DC then this might make perfect sense to you.

Private sector Lobbyists are fully employed at our nations capital showering all of our politicians with attention.....and other things. I'll bet it would seem there are so many lobbyists you could fill the Potomac with them and walk across without getting your feet wet. Not a bad idea actually.

Of course the economic ring around Washington DC area is experiencing quite a rosy economy with all of the shiny new government rules and regulations for the rest of us to live under. It is a full time job for hundreds of thousands of the public sector to central plan our great country and get it pointed in the right direction....Hey watch out for that cliff!

But Senator, I suggest you go back and visit your home state of Nevada. The constituents of the Sagebrush State have a 13.5% unemployment rate and a large percentage of the rest of them are underemployed. Talk to them and see if they agree with your estimation. While your at it, see if they would vote for you again if they got the chance. But thankfully (for you), you are securely ensconced in your seat for another 5 years, so no worry about your pesky home state constituents. Of course no worry for your personal unemployment either.

But it does seem that there is an emergency for Senator Reid & Co. Seems the emergency now is to hire public sector teachers for another year, by passing Obamas "jobs bill". This bill is about funding teachers for a year in political battleground states that can't afford it. But if anyone has been noticing, even after the extra billions already spent, Americas bang for it's buck from the education dollar isn't exactly paying dividends.

Even Joe Biden's off teleprompter remarks yesterday were strangely hysterical when he said that Americans would get raped and killed if the Republicans didn't pass Obamas 35 billion dollar "jobs bill". This is designed to put more fire fighters and police on the streets....for one year.

But that's where the crux of the problem is, it is temporary money and states will have to fire these new employees after a year because they can't afford them. According to these politicians who seem to want to stampede us into a fear-fit, all that is between us and anarchy in the streets, is Obamas jobs bill.. But in real actuality crime rates are down....Sorry Joe.

Instead of the fear mongering & obvious ignorance of reality, our leaders should recognize that states, cities and counties are going to have to be self sustaining to support their public sector. There is going to have to be some restructuring and finding some middle ground in order for public entities to survive.

Washington based sugar daddy grants of money only provide a temporary sugar high and end up with a depression when they come down. Too many states are so far in debt to future obligations, they will never get out.

If sane rational people don't step forward and recognize the situation is very serious and offer real solutions, there will be a wholesale amount of states and cities technically declaring bankruptcy.

Might be that the public sector is going to have to do what the private sector has always done, trim back in the lean times. Maybe if everyone took a little less there would not have to be layoffs.

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