You may have seen the disturbing report written by Dr. Noel Richardson and published earlier this year indicating that Ireland has the highest suicide rate in Europe, with over 260 people taking their own lives on the island of Ireland in 2011 alone.

In Boston, 553 people took their own lives in 2011. We here in WES believe that suicide can be prevented and continue to work hard to prevent it. We have run a number of very positive and empowering QPR workshops for the Irish community here in Boston already this year and plan more this summer.

However, the grief of those who are left behind after a suicide can be overwhelming. We have seen how useful individual and group support can be in allowing family and friends to cope, continue to survive and work towards thriving again.

Please join us at the Laboure Center, 275 West Broadway in South Boston, for a powerful presentation and support event called "Grief after Suicide: Finding Hope & Healing", facilitated by Dr. John R. Jordan, a national expert in this field. This event is being offered on Tuesday 18th June 2013 by the Laboure Center, MDPH and South Boston CAN Trauma Response Team.

The presentation is designed to support people who are grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide but it will also be of value to those who wish to support a grieving survivor (family, friends, clergy, therapists, etc.).

If you have lost a loved one through a drug overdose, this presentation can also offer support, exploring the grieving process and self-care skills. Recovery from the suicide of a loved one is possible. Allow us to support you and your family.

There are two opportunities to join us for this presentation, afternoon and evening on Tuesday, 18th June. The first presentation runs 12.15pm-4.30pm and the second runs 5.15pm-8.00pm.

Call Kay Walsh to book your place, in confidence, today at 617-269-5160 ext.126. Our IIIC Wellness staff will also be present to respond to questions and offer resources so feel free to call Danielle Owen at 617-542-7654 ext.14 for more information.

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