You make windmills with steel, but you really can't make steel with windmills, at least not on the grand scale this administration seems to want.

Besides the bottomless pit of taxpayers money being burned to create green energy and the paltry amount of green energy jobs they are creating, other "green facts" are surfacing. One of the troublesome facts is that many promised jobs seem to be going to China who is busy manufacturing our green energy products.

In an ironic twist with the cold hard face of reality, coal energy is being used to make green energy products. In the real world of business where price is the determining factor in a competitive marketplace Seems China is building solar panels for half the price of what Solyndra was building theirs for, even with a half a billion boost from the US taxpayer.

Same goes for the rest of the components and hardware used to make solar panels and the other important pieces of the green industry. Foreign countries, especially China who use cheap coal energy to fuel their manufacturing operations are producing these components cheaper and more efficiently using coal power.

Of course all of this extra burning of coal in order to power the plants that produce the millions of solar panels must be adding to all of that green house gas. Won't this counteract all of the good that green energy is supposed to achieve?

Recent technology breakthroughs in the field of energy production in the United States, have recently lead us to achieve a 100 year reserve of natural gas at the rates we are using it today.
Natural gas is a relatively cheap and fairly clean source of wonderful energy which can be used to fuel power plants as well as provide homes with heat. It also makes an excellent clean burning fuel for cars.

These same technology advances using new slant drilling techniques and fracking have unlocked vast new reserves of oil and potential reserves as this technology advances.

In the face of these new developments in exploiting our own massive natural resources, it seems President Obama is unswayed in his determination to support green energy. He is intent on gambling Americas economic future on unproven and unreliable sources of energy: wind and solar. It has been reported that he has been convinced by his Energy Secretary Steven Chu that a rechargeable car battery with a range of 125 miles is only 5 years away. We've been hearing this same 5 year promise regarding the car beattery for the past 15 years. Of course this is the same Energy Secretary that gave us Solyndra.

A nation of electric cars will require massive amounts of energy to recharge them. Here we go again.

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