By Maria DelGreco

Last week, Governor Patrick signed the Irish Social Club bill to help them to continue in their attempt at getting their alocohol license reissued without any more problems. The bill is now Chapter 282 of the Acts of 2012. The request for the return of the club’s permanent alcohol license was supported by both the Massachusetts House and Senate.

Last April, the club's former leadership announced it would close due to not being financially stable.

"The outcry was deafening. It was a true testament of West Roxbury and the city coming together to save this Club," said Councilor Matt O'Malley.

The Club has since rebounded by having Club fundraisers, hosting countless events and receiving donations from the Parkway community as well as others. The Club even went so far as to repair building’s systems to better conditions.

Unfortunately, a member mistakenly returned the Club's previous full liquor license, which can often cost anywhere up to $250,000. For the last couple of months the Club has used temporary licenses, which has been very hard to manage for the Club, said Mary Mulvey Jacobson, of the Club's Steering Committee, who was present at the council's meeting.

With the bill signed by Governor Patrick, the Irish Social Club should have a much easier time getting back their permanent alcohol license. We wish them the best in their journey.