Most transparent of administrations?

Governor Mike Huckabee, spoke on Fox News this morning and opined on the unfolding Libyan embassy scandal.  The attack which killed our ambassador and 3 other Americans is turning out to be nothing like the administration has been telling the public for the weeks following the attack.

The Governor said something very important, touching upon a core principle of our republic: “The uniqueness of our country says that government serves us, they can’t serve us when they are not honest with us.” 

He went on to say:

"Nixon resigned because he got caught lying. Clinton was impeached because he lied.  The cataclysmic events that happened to Clinton and Nixon, were not because of the transgressions themselves, but they lied about the cover up.  But in their cases no one died."

"But facts bear out we have been blatantly lied to by our leaders about the attack on our Libyan Embassy. President Obama and his administration has knowingly been untruthful with the American public."

The Governor clarified his position by saying “I am not demanding impeachment, but I am suggesting the American people demand the real truth.”

Facts show this administration know it was a terrorist attack almost immediately, they even knew who some of the suspects were.  The attack had nothing to do with the cheesy anti Islamic video, like his underlings tried to convince us of.

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This administration sent the press secretary and its UN Ambassador out to deliberately deceive the public. 

Huckabee said: "If we held Nixon and Clinton to standards of honesty, why don’t we hold this President to the same standards?"

There is a pattern of denial by the Obama administration and it shows they want to ignore there is Islamic terrorism being waged against us.

During the Fort Hood Texas shooting, Major Hassan killed 14 fellow service members as he chanted an Islamic prayer.  The administration is still calling this a workplace violence incident.  There are many other similar incidents pock marking the history of this administration.

To further  dispute the administrations version of the Libyan Embassy attack was just a “spontaneous event,” yesterday it was learned the FBI agents sent to Libya two weeks ago have not been able to visit the consulate.…Why?  Because the area is too dangerous.

"If you lie to your boss expect to get fired….If you lie to the American people, you should get fired."

The American people deserve to hear the truth from their leader

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