GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain describes himself as a problem solver and not a politician. He is the only one of the GOP candidates who has no experience in elective office, it has shown sometimes, as he may respond with a not so polished and well honed response to some of the questions thrown at him. But he is a voracious competitor and has learned to smooth out those rough spots as time goes on in this political contest.

We have watched the GOP as their candidates are put through the crucible of the campaign trail. They are under the microscope of live debates, live interviews and of course the mothers milk of American politics: fund raising. Some are wilting under this pressure and falling by the wayside, some are getting hoisted on their own petards of gaffes and "misspeaks," but others are showing their mettle and appearing stronger.

The old adage of "what does not kill you will make you stronger" could not be more appropriate when it comes to GOP Presidential candidate, Herman Cain. Five years ago he beat stage 4 cancer, showing his great strength and determination that has been a hallmark throughout his life. With irony, Cain says that if he had been diagnosed with his cancer under Obamacare, he would be dead, because of the red tape & time involved in decision making. But beating cancer has only been one of the battles he has triumphed over, he has always been a fighter and has beat the odds before...many times..

Born in humble beginnings, his mother was a cleaner and his father was a janitor, but he was given their love and very importantly, their work ethic. He graduated college with a degree in mathematics and a masters of science in computers. Before his business and economics career he worked as a mathematician for missile ballistics in the U.S. Navy. Presidential Candidate Herman Cain has a long history in the business private sector and has faced many challenges in that arena. He has taken struggling company's and turned them into successful entities, using his common sense approach of recognizing the problems, coming up with solutions and turning these solutions into a working plan.

Herman Cain has appeared at more than 40 Tea party rallies throughout the country and his message resonates with many American citizens. When he speaks of smaller government and more private sector direction for our country, he speaks with the experience of a CEO and leader who has a vision for us. He has concrete solutions to our economic woes and is not afraid to speak out on controversial issues. He is a courageous man, the kind needed by our country in these perilous times.

History has proven it can be very difficult to determine who the eventual candidates will be at this point in time. The front runners of today can be the back benchers of tomorrow and underdogs have the habit of humbling political pundits. John McCain and Bill Clinton are two prime examples.

Don't ever count Herman Cain out of any race. He again showed his strength today by winning the Florida straw poll by a wide margin, leaving his nearest GOP competitors in the dust.

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