I can hear the bass tones of the Don Henley song, Dirty Laundry, as the press starts to latch on. It makes a sensational headline, front page news:"Republican Congressman resigns because of topless photos". But they are of himself, so what's the harm?

President Obama had topless photos while he vacationed in Hawaii, the main stream press breathlessly sent the images to us and boasted what an in shape president we are so fortunate to have.

Do we have a double standard here?

Obamas shirtless photos were while on an expedition/vacay in Hawaii, enjoying the surf and sun. Congressman Lee's was while he was on a different type of expedition, trolling for a good time.

In that context Congressman Lee, a married man, immediately resigned from office. It was the right thing to do, for the Congressman, his family, his party and the country. He needs to get out of the public spotlight and deal with his actions that have caused harm to his family.

There are too many seriously important issues facing our country right now and the last thing the lawmakers need is a morality scandal, the flames of which will be whipped by the press. It would be too much of a distraction at this crucial time while congress is trying to right our listing economic ship.

Our congress is peppered with quite a few who have had far more serious charges against them for misconduct while in office, yet they continue to stay, unmoved by public opinion.

Some of them only leave office after going through lengthy court trials, then get convicted and sentenced to jail. Others have been found guilty by their own congressional committees and have been censured by the full congress, yet remain in office. One sitting president made the country endure the process of public impeachment rather than resign. This lead to a polarization of our country and a lowering of moral values for our youth. The mantra of the day was "character doesn't matter", what only counts is can he do the job.

So from that perspective, Congressman Lee is a patriot for resigning, rather than dragging the country through another public scandal and/or lengthy court process.