The Tyrone Donegal Partnership Wider Horizons group graduated at the IIIC.

Everyone else may be just starting the school year, but here at the IIIC, it’s graduation time!

The Tyrone Donegal Partnership Wider Horizons group of young men and women from the island of Ireland had their graduation ceremony this past Thursday, September 6th, at the IIIC. The graduation is always a great time of celebration, reflection, and appreciation, and this ceremony was no exception.

The celebration included the trainee’s host families, their supervisors and a number of Irish and Northern Irish community leaders who spent the past two weeks in Boston learning best-practice community development and youth work from local Boston non-profit organizations. As usual, the evening was filled with food, fun, and laughter. It was a great closure to the group’s time in Boston.

Thanks to all the host families for opening up their homes, and to the employers who gave these young men and women the chance to work in their organizations and for making this a unique and rewarding experience.

The group left Boston on Friday to return home to Ireland. We wish them every success for the future.