Quick something that might be of interest to the wild geese reading my blog on IrishCentral.

University College Cork, one of Ireland's seven universities, is hosting a symposium / web-seminar on Ireland's emigration problem this afternoon, and there's no need to make a special visit to Cork, as it will be available over the internet via a 'web seminar'!

It's interesting as it marks just about the first time that a group of academics have made an effort to bring hi-falutin discussion about Ireland's emigration problem (according to Ireland's flagship public policy thinktank the ERSI, over 70,000 people left the country last year for foreign shores, while a recent report on Irish Central noted that emigration to Britain had hit record levels), to a broader, even worldwide, audience.

The symposium, to be held this afternoon in the university, will feature a number of local and international speakers discussing emigration, with a number of recent emigrées on-hand to offer their own experiences at why they had to leave Ireland and move abroad.
Participants in the 'web workshop' (it's open to everyone), can also give their input. Those wishing to take part in the global discussion this afternoon, can contact ucc.emigration.workshop@gmail.com for login details.

The workshop runs from 1400-1730 Irish time, which is 0900-1230 EST for East-coast listeners, and 0600-0930 PST for those on the West Coast.