Our last presidential election was something like a séance, where the great booming cadences of Dr. King seemed to channel through a man whose hope promised to fulfill the dream.

Glenn Beck's rally was held on Dr.King's anniversary forty seven years later, but also a year following his comment that "Barack Obama is a racist."

With such comments, Beck has been trying to defile Obama's style of politics. Beck is the only commentator to drudge Jeremiah Wright back up, but this time as Obama's teacher of liberation theology, which he claims is the secret Marxist belief-system of the president.

Beck's speech was a sermon to America. We hear them all the time. We're always lectured-at in America about morality by politicians and schemers.

Beck is no politician. He's a gold salesman, best known for promoting Goldline, the scam company that cheated people in an antique coin con. This may be why he called the rally "Restoring Honor."

Glenn Beck is a Sarah Palin promoter, who would like to see her replace Obama. To help her do this, he gave her a Dr.King moment on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and gained for himself the position of head Pied Piper to lots and lots of white people many of whom he has convinced to support expensive wars and tax-breaks for the plutocracy.

On Saturday, Palin gained some of the Dr.King allure that had become so powerfully associated with Barack Obama thanks to Beck's bold stunt. It was positioning for the elections in November, and 2012. The aim was to siphon-off the effect of Obama's inspirational rhetoric.

Glenn Beck has hit President Obama with parody delivered dead pan.