Ariel Castro (inset) guilty of kidnapping ans sexually abuse three
women in Cleveland, OH

There’s been a lot of criticism of the Cleveland cops for their failure to find the three kidnapped victims of their alleged abductor and rapist - Ariel Castro.

Give me a break.

I know Cleveland. I’ve spent a good deal of time there. I have family who live and work there. Cleveland cops are among the best in the nation. I have seen them at work. They have consistently shown the right balance between protecting individual rights and aggressive policing – even in their toughest neighborhoods.

The reason these women were left unfound for over a decade is solely due to the actions of the perpetrator, who was extraordinary in his ability to carry out such a diabolical scheme.

Charles Ramsey, the neighbor who single handedly rescued Amanda Berry, told the press that he knew the alleged perpetrator, even broke bread with him. Ramsey emphasized that there was absolutely no indication that anyone was held captive in that house.

I take Ramsey’s word for it. After all, he was the true hero in this story.

There will always be rapists, child abusers; murderers…even terrorists among us. Police need the help of the public to unearth these retched human beings. But, I for one am sick and tired of blaming cops for unsolved crimes. Most cops work their asses off to solve these cases, especially a case involving abducted children. 

Does anyone really believe the Cleveland cops dropped the ball on this matter?

If you do – well shame on you.