Gibbons is the Irish family name of the day,

in honor of Joseph Gibbons searching in Mayo.
Here are a few documented notes on the name:

Related Spellings:

Fitzgibbons; Gibbonson; Gibbens; McGibbons; Gibbon, etc...

Varient Spelling Groups: #618, 695, 2342

From The Guide to the Various Spellings of Irish Family Names

History notes

Families of the name of Gibbons may stem from any of several

separate origins. Some likely come from the family of Fitzgibbon,

having dropped the "Fitz" from the name. The Book of Irish

Families, great and small, makes note of the Mayo family of

MacGibbon, also adopted by some of the Burke family !

Mayo Roots

As our Irish Roots Cafe member today is interested in Mayo,

we find Gibbon and McGibbon listed as among those on the

Mayo Book of Survey and Distribution. They are also listed

among the ‘New’ settlers in Mayo and Sligo, and again linked

to the ‘Bourke’ family. One branch of the name is centered in Erris.

They are fairly numerous in our records and our genealogy books,

being represented in many counties. The Irish Families project

research book entitled County Mayo, Ireland, genealogy and

family history notes, may be of interest to those searching

family in Mayo as well.

From the Irish Book of Arms

A Brief search in that work shows Fitzgibbon:

1) Fitzgibbon as Earl of Clare, known as John Oge Fitzgibbon,

with further information. Another link to the name is given in section

one of that book, with the arms illustrated in colour (Fitzgibbon). The

Fitzgibbon family arrived in Ireland with the Normans quite early.

Book Search for Gibbons

The Free Master online book index at shows:

Listings for the name 62 times, here are a few examples:

1) Gibbons & McGibbons in Co. Mayo genealogy and family history notes,

plus Gibbons chart.

2) T. Gibbons: Co. Meath & Westmeath genealogy notes...(book)

3) MacGibbons in the Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters

4) G. Gibbons in Co. Limerick, Ireland, genealogy and family hist.....

5) Gibbons of Covinger: The Families of Co. Limerick, Ireland

6) John Gibbons in the Families of County Dublin, Ireland

7) Gibbons in Families of County Cork, Ireland (and others)

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As you can see there are plenty of resources to help
when beginning the search for your Irish family. These
are just a few to help you on your way....

-Mike O'Laughlin