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Irish Passports and Citizenship

It’s a matter of your family tree, your genealogy !

Once you prove your Irish citizenship, you can

get your Irish passport. That gives you easier

travel within the EU countries, and the ability

to work in those some countries, legally. So let’s

take a closer look.

What Genealogy Can Bring You

A common question I have gotten for the last

30 years is: ‘How can I get Irish Citizenship and

an Irish Passport?”. After I explain the simple

steps, few people proceed to do anything. With

the millions of genealogy records being added to

the internet of late, it is easier than ever to make

a quick check of your family history.

Here is a general idea of what is possible:

Your Mom or Dad born in Ireland before 2005 ?

If so, you are already an Irish citizen and entitled

to an Irish passport !

Your Mom or Dad a citizen, but were born abroad ?

You can fill out the Foreign Birth Registry (FBR)

application, to become a citizen, entitled to a passport.

Your Grandparent was born in Ireland ?

You can become an Irish citizen, and then get an Irish

passport. Just provide 3 documented proofs, like

birth certificate or baptismal record. That is likely

the hardest part. The rest is easier paperwork, showing

your parents and you descending from your grandparent.

Two more general notes to consider:

1) Sorry, great-grandparents do not qualify you.

2) Your children must be born after you become a

citizen, for them to be considered as citizens.

For more information on Irish Citizenship and Passports,

including consulate addresses and the FBR forms:

Irish Roots Cafe page on Irish Citizenship and Passports

Free audio podcast on obtaining Irish Passport and Citizenship*

So, there are the possibilities I have experience with.

One final point, most of the time involved is simply

waiting for your application to be returned (several

months to be sure). If you are patient, it can happen.

*This includes my podcast interview with Bill Sweeney.

…….So end my notes for today.


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