Galway has been voted one of the Top Five cities for single women to visit - the only Irish place to feature in the list.

The Top Five Cities for Single Women was compiled by Single Minded Women and includes (are you ready?) Galway, New York, Sedona, Key West and Paris.

It's difficult to see how Galway could compete with the likes of Paris or Key West, but there you are.

And the idea that Galway's on a par with New York has already caused the New Yorkers in the office to start booking their next vacation there.

The women at SMW say Galway is the perfect destination for women who "aren't quite ready for the hustle and bustle of London, Rome or Paris."

Well that's certainly true!

Here's the full extract and you can

Galway, Ireland: If you’re eager to get to Europe but aren’t quite ready for the hustle of London, Rome or Paris, hop a flight to Ireland and spend some time getting to know the locals. You and your gal pals will have a great time sipping Shandy’s in the local pubs and singing Irish songs all night long. While you’re here, pick up some of the best wool sweaters and caps, sure to keep you warm all winter.