Snoop Dog
A man from Connemara, Galway, proposed to his girlfriend Joanie, in Canada this week and the video below is how he and Joanie’s family celebrated at their lake-side cottage, by making this Snoop Dog music video to “Ain’t Nothing but a G Thang.”

What brilliant result! There's nothing like parents, aunts, uncles and cousins being gangster.

Along with the YouTube video Joanie posted “henjo just got engaged!!!! Henry proposed this past Thursday just before a trip up to the cottage...and yes, I cried like a baby! Even after 6 ½ years together, he managed to find a way to surprise me! The weekend was spent celebrating with family, and of course...filming a video!”

“We wanted to share our special engagement weekend with you in the best way we know how -- it's not your typical video though! You will have to watch it to see what we mean! Enjoy!”

Here’s the video: