Reflecting an ugly partisan side, totally beneath the dignity of the office of Vice President, Joe Biden called fellow Americans terrorists. To compound the offensive name calling, it happened today, the day Congresswoman Gabby Giffords made her triumphant and miraculous return to Washington DC. Can it get any worse for the Vice President?

The Tucson shooting of Gabby Giffords and the killings of others, brought the nation together in a state of shock and mourning just a few short months ago. President Obama made a stirring speech from the University of Tucson and implored us to usher in a new era of civility, respect and understanding towards our fellow Americans.

What brought Vice President Bidens Tourette-like outburst? A group of lawmakers who were practicing their constitutional rights by trying to shape laws to reflect their beliefs and the beliefs of many millions of Americans who sent them to congress.

Simply put, these lawmakers are working hard to put the nation on a sound fiscal footing by controlling government spending to match what comes in, in other words balancing the books. For this, Vice President Biden called these courageous lawmakers and patriots, terrorists.

To myself and most sane Americans, terrorists fly fully loaded airplanes into occupied buildings, killing thousands. Terrorists strap bombs to children and release them to wander in crowded malls where they are remotely detonated, killing and maiming many. Terrorists saw the heads off of live captive Americans while they are on television pleading for their lives.

Americans practicing their civil liberties and working within the confines of the legislative process are not terrorists, Mr. Biden! They are your fellow Americans who deserve your respect and they deserve a full apology from you sir.

President Obama should explain to Vice president Biden what the meaning of civility is. Maybe the Vice president missed the Presidents stirring speech from Tucson.

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