FujiFilm has given respectful recognition to the Irish language by making its kiosks Irish-optioned, gaining what many companies are discovering to be the business advantages of using Gaelic.

Irish is a much-loved language, and its use by business is gratefully noted and discussed by Irish people of all proficiencies.

Fuji's move allows users to interface with their fun and useful machines, through Irish while exposing more people to the modern life of the language.

“With over 1,000 machines across Ireland, we felt it was important to show that Ireland is an unique and distinct market and using the Irish language on the digital photo kiosks was an ideal way of demonstrating Ireland's distinctness,” said Kyran O’Kelly, Head of Sales and Marketing.

To use the Irish language option, users touch the Irish flag and all subsequent screens are displayed i nGaeilge thereafter.

The kiosks offer an array of services through Irish, such as printing photos off digital cameras & mobile phones in many sizes or as various unique photo gifts.

FujiFilm Ireland was nominated at the Barr 50 Gnó le Gaeilge held in the Mansion House, Dublin for its pioneering steps with this public technology.

The kiosks were translated by Dúrud Teoranta (www.durud.ie), a new company that specialises in computing and providing technicial support to the growing number of businesses using the Irish language to connect with their Irish-loving customers.

Similar campaigns are underway in multicultural nations across the world. In New York, Chase Bank has sent the issue of providing Irish neighborhoods there with ATMs offering Irish options.

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