The perspective of "From the Right" on our current President and his administration:

His personal appeal:

He makes great speeches.

He is the 2nd black President in American history, Bill Clinton was the 1st.

Has a nice family.

Has a great smile.

Has personal charisma

Won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Foreign policy:

Our friends don't trust us and our enemies don't fear us.

Incoherent policy that is pulling the rug out from under our allies feet.

Syrias brutal dictator deploys tanks to quell citizen unrest. But unless he uses warplanes, he's still a reformer. In the meantime we bomb Libya and it's brutal dictator

State Department appointees who are amateurs and leftist ideologues. (Biden, Clinton, Powers)

We are in three shooting wars.

NASA's new main directive is Muslim outreach rather than space exploration.

GITMO is still open and terrorists will be tried there.

Domestic energy policy

Our energy policy is based on the hoax/unproven "science/theology of man caused" global warming.(See John Holdren)

Oil is now 112.00 per barrel and rising, the highest sustained price ever.

The U.S. has backed loan guarantees of 2 billion for Brazil to drill of their coast, but won't issue drilling permits for the USA coasts and many other sections of US land.

Continues to throw tax billions at unproven, uneconomical "green energy"whose reason for being is man caused global warming.

Food is at record prices due to corn being used for fuel.

Political appointees:

More czars, with more unconstitutional power than any other president

Most appointees are left and far left ideologues:(Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, etc.)

Almost all of his economic leftist czars/experts who pushed us to debt limits never experienced, have resigned.

An Attorney General who wanted to try foreign terrorists in domestic courts, giving them Miranda rights. The mentality of this means all terrorists captured on the battlefield will have to be read their "rights".

His leadership style:

With the promise of "Hope and Change" it is politics as usual. Direct from the streets of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel is gone, but the style remains.

"The president isn't leading, he didn't lead on last year's budget, and he clearly is not leading on this year's budget."

Inappropriately inserts his partisan politics into states matters by interfering in Wisconsins internal matters and sends his "Organizing For America" to sway outcome of a states elections.

Inappropriately plays golf and vacations while Japan has catastrophic disaster.

He orders military operations where people are being killed, while on a family vacation.

The Result

Gold is over 1,400 per ounce due to the staggering debt

America is on the road to economic ruin largest debt and deficit in history

America is a debtor nation

"Pigford" lawsuits paying 50K of government money to any black "who attempted to farm".

Americas borders are a sieve for illegal aliens to enter and get government services

America awakened to the far left direction Obama pointed the country and resoundingly defeated his party in the last elections by record margins.

The Tea Party was created

America is poised for a sea change, the whole conversation regarding Americas direction and future has been re-directed as America sees what leftist leadership does.

Even the main stream media has started to question the politics and policies of this administration.

The Nobel Peace Prize has been politicized

So thank you President Obama for reawakening America to the fact that it is still right of center and its' citizens are ready to take their country back.