Today's the big wedding. Tadhg (there in the picture on the left, played by Macdara Ó Fatharta) is supposed to marry Frances. They want a simple wedding, but Frances' mother and father are meddling, and driving both bride and groom nuts. Tadhg threatens to shove the nose of Frances' mother where she won't like it if she doesn't stop interfering. In yesterday's episode, the bride herself snaps and kicks her own mother out of the house.

We won't see the big wedding until tomorrow when the second part airs on Ros na Rún airs two new episodes a week on Tuesday and Thursday, and then the two together on Sunday. Yesterday's episode can be watched in the Dráma Cartlann (archive) at, go in there and click Ros na Rún - 26/1/10 to watch. Be sure you have Flash downloaded--it's all free and very easy.

Anything could happen with this wedding. The best man--Jason--is Tadhg's son from Dublin. The two have a rocky relationship, and Tadhg has already made Jason's friend Ríona unwelcome at the wedding. She's deep in worry over the murder of the father of her child who was drug dealer and nasty piece of work named O'Dowd, because she worries for the future of their daughter Sophie who must carry on in life with the awful reputation O'Dowd leaves behind.

Not to mention the murder investigation. Detective Ó Sé is not letting anyone get away with murder, drug dealer or no, and Ríona, her sister and her brother are all suspects. The wedding was supposed to be a píosa craic, but it's turning into panic time for Ríona who feels terrible shame about facing the community and all its gossip.

Máire is yapping away still about how Berní and John Joe Daly are now a couple with a kinky love-life, but she has it all wrong.

Mícheál is worried he has it wrong about what he's beginning to remember about the groom Tadhg. Mícheál's love is the bride's maid of honor, and she warned Mícheál not to interfere with the wedding. He feels terribly compelled to do just that, because he believes Tadhg has something to do with the mental problems he developed after an accident last season. He believes Tadhg beat him repeatedly with an iron club, while his daughter was screaming Daddy! His memory is all messed, but if he's right, he can't let the wedding happen.

We'll know what happens tomorrow. Tune in, and get in on the cúlchaint.