Fr. Brendan Duggan
It is with great sadness that I write this piece. Irish Central Community News has to say goodbye, and a very big thank you, to Fr. Brendan Duggan for his years of commitment and dedication to the Irish Community in New York. Fr. Brendan, as he is known to his parishioners and friends, has been writing a column for our paper (and previously the Irish Emigrant) for a long time.

Fr. Brendan’s words have impacted everyone in a positive way. He may not know it but there are many guys sullenly looking into their pints on a Monday afternoon depressed because they are out of work, or depressed because life has thrown them a curve ball and as soon as they hit Fr. Brendan’s page in our paper they are instantly lifted up into a better mood. I know this because one particular gentleman told me so. Fr. Brendan probably saved a lot of lives and he never knew it.

Fr. Brendan had words of wisdom for everyone and advice on hand just at the right time. His respect for the Lord and his working came through very clearly in his weekly messages and his relationship with his community was even more evident.

Everyone loves Fr. Brendan and it’s understandable to see why. He puts lightness where there is often darkness, he changes frowns into smiles and gives hope to those who are sometimes lost.

Fr. Brendan is a gentleman of the highest order and there isn’t many like him left on this earth.

The staff of Irish Central Community News (both in NY and Boston) wants to wish Fr. Brendan the best in his future endeavors and we know that our paths will cross again.

God bless you, Fr. Brendan, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.