Mike Tobin keeps his cool

Mike Tobin of Fox News brought focus to a new level after stopping two attention seekers dead in their tracks while simultaneously reporting an unfortunately acute story.

Two women approached Tobin from opposing sides planning a simultaneous kiss attack while cameras were live and rolling. A seemingly harmless gesture but in the midst of one of America’s most horrific tragedies, the Boston Marathon bombings, Tobin, who was recounting the attack’s timeline, had no time for the insensitive interruption.

 As Tobin reported from Boston in front of floral tributes the women entered the shot quickly to find a stiff arm instead of a soft cheek. Tobin was heard calmly saying, “Please don’t do that,” and quickly returned to his duties finishing the live segment.

Tobin tweeted, “Heckling comes with the biz. But it's not like they would not no the sbjct. I hope their friends let thm no it wz inappropriate. (sic)”

The video has begun to go viral and Tobin has been praised for his extreme poise via twitter. Tradd Slayton wrote, “That was great Mike fought off 2 kiss bombs and didn't miss a beat!,” and Grant Friedman joked, “@MikeTobinFox eyes on the sides of your head. Nice work.”