Deer are fast becoming one of the most dangerous road hazards around the country, especially in Co.Wicklow.

With an over-population of deer in Ireland, the damage they are doing to horticulture and woodlands is becoming a serious problem according to a new report.

At the launch of the report "Developing a Collaborative Strategy for the Management and Control of Invasive Deer Species for County Wicklow" commissioned by the Wicklow Deer Management Group, it was revealed that the deer population in Ireland has drastically increased in recent years and they are now at the top of the wild food chain.

The damage caused to woodlands is estimated to be as high as €3,800 ($5,090) per annum.

Experts have said that if the over-population is managed properly it could be a great resource to the country. Venison in Ireland continues to be in great demand and income could be generated from the sporting element of hunting deer also.