Breaking news-- men prefer their cars to their women

A new survey on life assurance has shown that Irish men ‘value’ themselves more than their female counterparts.

Research conducted by Caledonian Life show that there is a marked difference between the monetary value they put on their lives.

Greg Dyer, Head of Sales and Marketing at Caledonian Life, said, “Our research shows that the men of Ireland typically insure themselves for double the amount of cover females do. And while the differential is relatively small to begin with (35 per cent in age 30-39), it grows with age and hits its peak in the age 50-59 category. In this cohort, men have Life cover in place of over two and a half times the amount of women of a comparable age.”

The research also showed that men were more likely to insure themselves and to select a far higher sum of assurance.
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Meanwhile in the UK, Peugeot UK conducted research on male obsession with cars. It showed that men in the UK prefer to spend time behind the wheel than with their girlfriends.

“Brits are more concerned with wheels than heels,” the survey concluded.

Here are the top findings from the research:

•    50% of men admit they find their partner is more difficult to maintain than their car
•    17% of Brits spend more on their car than their other half
•    13% of respondents have been with their car longer than their partner
•    14% of people think a sporty car will help them get the girl or boy of their dreams
•    Millions of us potentially spend more time with our cars than our partners (9% of the population in fact) and 8% of us would choose our car over our partner

Irish men wouldn’t be that far behind I would imagine!