Still from "A Lad from Old Ireland"
"The Lad from Old Ireland" was the first even American produced movie filmed on location outside the United States.

In August 1910, the Kalem Company of New York City sent director Sidney Olcott (who also stars in the movie) and a film crew to Ireland. When it was released in November 2010 it was billed as "Kalem’s Great Trans-Atlantic Drama."

The one-reel movie tells the story of a boy who emigrated to America to escape the desperate poverty of Ireland. After becoming successful in his adopted country he returns to retrieve his sweetheart just as her destitute family is being forced off their land.

Imdb lists the filming locations of "A Lad from Old Ireland" as Beaufort, County Kerry and
New York, USA..

Here's a clip of the  movie: 

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