Epic fail - sports bar loving Paul tripped up this time

Dear MTN,

I had an internet date from hell and I need your advice. I will tell you exactly what happened, and please be truthful with me and let me know if I was wrong or if she was wrong.

I made a date with a girl for Sunday night at a cool bar my friends told me about. Since football was on and I love watching it on Sundays I told her I would already be there and meet her there. I was planning on leaving the bar section when she came and taking her to dinner. Since it's a casual place I was dressed casual and since it was warm I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. I got there a couple of hours before she came and made some friends at the bar.

When she arrived I pointed at her so she would know it was me, since there were all guys around me. I made my way over to her and saw her smile turn into a frown. I am a confident good looking guy and she was just average, so I don't know why she was frowning. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and hugged her hello and put my hand up to her. She high-fived me and looked very uptight. I was very disappointed in her looks since she was better looking in her photo, but I decided to make the best of it. I smiled to her and she immediately asked why I had friends with me. I looked at the guys at the bar and realized she probably thought I knew them. I told her I just met them and they were not my friends. She laughed. I asked her as nicely as possible, "did I say something funny?" and she said, "I'm out of here." She turned her ugly face away from me and left the bar.

What did I do? Please let me know your honest opinion. I love your column.

Thanks, your biggest fan. - Paul

Dear Paul,
She probably did see the guys you were with and wondered if they were your friends and wondered why you would make a date with her with your friends at the same bar. You say you were wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. I'm sure she took time to dress appropriately for meeting you. Can you say the same?

She should have given you a chance and sat down and had dinner with you. She left too abruptly without seeing if you both had any chemistry or compatibility. That was her mistake. Some girls wouldn't have a problem with how you were dressed, but she obviously did.

Her personality does seem like she was "too uptight" for you. However, next time you schedule a date, please try to impress the girl and wear something nice. Also, don't try to squeeze two things into one, like watching football on a Sunday, and making a first date. A first date you should be trying to make a good impression, which neither of you did.

Onto the next girl...good luck.

 - MTN