A firestorm of criticism has broken out over anti-Irish "jokes" on a Daily Telegraph blog in Britain.

More than 70 so-called jokes have been posted on a blog by Douglas Murray (who runs an organization called "The Center for Social Cohesion,") after he wrote a piece lambasting a recent compensation payout.

The comment was fair game. Turns out that a union rep successfully sued a Conservative councilor for discrimination after said Tory told a so-called Irish joke.

Murray wasn't happy with the decision but really, he was taking a cheap shot at what he called political correctness gone wild.

The matter could have ended there but Murray then wrote a pointed blog entry entitled "Anyone know any Irishman jokes?"

Clearly, more than a few readers did know some and flooded the site with comments.

Ironically, it's only when you see all the "jokes" running one after the other that you realize there's nothing really funny in them at all.

Murray made a good point in his first column but the unabashed racism he unleashed only goes to show that maybe the union rep (called Kelly) was bang-on to begin with.

As one comment today put it.

"Oh, Douglas, you are just far too intelligent for your own good. You’re right, let’s all abandon this PC nonsense and go back to the good old days of posting ‘No Dogs, No Irish’ in shop windows. I’m sure that would solve a lot of society’s ills...We are sorry that our manners may not be up to scratch, or that our funny accents may offend your ears but we when the large majority of a population is either forced to learn a new language or starve to death, I guess that’s what happens?

"But I suppose writing for the Telegraph or Sunday Times you wouldn’t really know anything about that, would you? Ha! ‘Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion’, my arse!"

What do you think?

You can read the original post here