Couple holding hands

Dear MTN,

It's Kevin. We met a little over six months ago. You told me immediately that you would never forget me since I have your brother's name. You matched me up FIRST with Kathy. You told her you wouldn't forget her name since you have a sister in law named Kathy. We were both readers of your column and Kathy even had written in to you once back a year ago. You gave her such great advice, she came in and joined with you.

My lovely fiance Kathy had to kiss some frogs before meeting me, she said. But she said you told her never to give up because you never know when the right one would come along. She took your advice and said your positive attitude made her stay positive. Then six months ago we had our first date. I thought I was in heaven. She called you for another match.

You told her how wonderful I was and that she needed to give me a second chance. I had been divorced shortly before and really wasn't at my best confidence wise. You built up my confidence once you met me. Everything you told me that day helped me be the man I am now.

Thank God Kathy took your advice and our second date was lovely. Each one got better than the next. We've been together, almost every day for the past six months and I asked her last week to marry me! We wouldn't have found each other without you! Even more important, if you didn't guide us both during our journey, we wouldn't be engaged right now. We would have just had one date. I don't know how to thank you, other than to tell everyone reading that you truly are a gem.

You are an amazing lady Maureen. Nothing gets you down. I'm sorry to hear what you had to go through in June, but very happy to hear how quickly you bounced back. It truly is amazing. God bless you and I hope all the Irish folks come in to see you like we did.

Kathy says hi, thank you, and that she trusted you from the day you met. The only thing she wants to know is if you really have a sister in law Kathy, ha ha...

All singles, call this lady. She knows her stuff, and she cares about you too! What else can you want from anyone? Call her! Thanks again, we'll hopefully see you at our wedding. - Kevin.

Dear Kevin,

I am so thrilled to death to hear this exciting news! You both are a beautiful couple. I probably didn't mention it to you then, but I wrote down Kathy's name on your profile when you came in. You both said so many of the same things to me, it was magical.

Yes, I have a brother Kevin, and yes, a sister in law named Kathi. I never say anything I don't mean from the heart. But it is funny that I said the same thing to you both...ha ha.

Best of luck in love and happiness. Thank you for writing in this beautiful letter to my column. This is exactly why I am a matchmaker. This fantastic feeling will be with me always! Even though I stopped counting my success stories after reaching 1000, everyone is special to me!

With Love, Maureen