Displaying the dogged determination and fighting spirit the Irish are known for around the world, Federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, scored a great victory for American citizens when he won convictions against former Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich (Blago).

The muppet haired, disgraced former Governor was seen far and wide the past couple of years proclaiming his innocence to anyone that had a microphone. The broken record message was: "just wait until the jury hears my side of the story". Well Governor, you did tell your "story", the jury heard it and you're going to prison. "Prison" also happens to be the home of other former Illinois Governors.

Wiretaps of the former Governor, clearly showed a pay for play attitude that pervaded his office. He was in the midst of selling Barack Obamas Senate seat to the highest bidder, while prosecutor Fitzgerald was surreptitiously wiretapping his every phone call....and building a strong corruption case.

It seems the only criteria for Blago, was who was going to give him the most for Obamas Senate seat, but cared little about who was the most qualified to do the job. It was a disgusting display of greed and alarming to those who note the ease with corruption displayed at the states highest office.

Some say Blagos greed is just the tip of the iceberg for how things get done, Chicago style. There has to be something to it because, since 1973, four Illinois Governors, including Blago were imprisoned or prison bound. Others would have you believe Blago was just a lone rogue looking for personal enrichment. Listen to the tapes, you decide.

To me this conviction showed what a very thin line of defense we have against corruption at the highest levels of government and how easily it could be thwarted if we didn't have such courageous fighters as Irish American, Patrick Fitzgerald out there protecting us.

Only Mr. Fitzgerald knows the tremendous pressure applied to him as he brought the charges forward against Blagojevich. It cast a shadow on Barack Obamas new Presidency and brought to light a very sketchy political landscape from whence our President emerged from.

But as he has shown in the past, Patrick Fitzgerald doesn't back down...from anyone! He proceeded to suit up in his armor and prosecute the case by bringing a conviction to a most corrupt leader.

So here's a toast to Patrick Fitzgerald, Irish American fighter for and protector of, the American citizen! We need many more like him.

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