Back home in Boston.

I moved back to Boston a month ago, two months before my Irish work permit was to expire.
Reading over all of my posts here on this blog, it really looks like I had an action-packed, adventure-filled ten months in Ireland. And without a doubt I had some amazing experiences and am incredibly lucky. But like anyone else’s life, mine was very ordinary – went to work, went home, made dinner, watched TV and went to sleep!
Time to get back to my own culture, back to family and old friends, and to start a career.
It’s so much easier to start the future that I want here in the US. I understand the social infrastructure, my friends and family are here to help and support me, and there are [what feels like] a million more opportunities. So I’m saying goodbye to what I thought could be a possible path for me, and building from the ground up again. I’m sad, but I’m also very excited. 
I learned some invaluable lessons this year in Dublin, both personally and professionally, and while sometimes it feels like I’m a year “behind” my peers back here at home, I could never say that my time was wasted. So a huge thank you to the good people – you know who you are – who made me feel loved and showed me so many beautiful places. And thank you to IrishCentral for providing a space to document this journey.
Go raibh maith agat! Slán!