Dublin's Molly
Malone statue
Dublin-based photographer Mark Duggan crafted a video love letter to his home town in the form a of low-key montage set to the optimistic pulse of a song called "Leaving My Heart Behind" by Lights DC, a.k.a Neil Dixon.

"The city, visually has changed so much in the last two decades but retains a strong link to its past. I love how much character is hidden throughout Dublin, a city that encourages you to walk around it and discover it's character," the photographer said, "We shot the video from April to July of this year. I had a list of places I wanted to feature in the video, others I stumbled upon over the course of the shoot and were happy accidents."

Duggan directed and was joined by Killian Broderick in shooting the footage, with Broderick returning the manage the editing. Vimeo is hosting the five minute flick.

As the video glances at the good, the bad, the ugly, the bold and the beautiful of Dublin, it lingers for a moment on one dude striding through the city, performer Neil Dixon.

See all the places you recognize.  What other images you would have put into the mix? (now behave!)

Lights DC - Leaving My Heart Behind from Mark Duggan on Vimeo.