At the age of 85, Ed Koch is leading a state-wide campaign to "kick the bums" out and make our government work right. The New York Times tribute to him is well-worth the read and listen.

He's leading a group called New York Uprising. They focus on huge problems, and just three. They get attention by targeting politicians that resist reform. We forget politicians are supposed to fear the ire of a misled people. Ed Koch is reminding us.

Three reforms that would make New York state governance less corrupt and more fair:

1 - end gerrymandering where politicians draw election maps to "look like salamanders;" base them on the Census; and don't let the politicians have power over that

2 - establish an ethics board to make transparent the income received and clients serviced by representative politicians outside of the legislature

3- require an honest budget, end the gimmicks, and follow accountants' standards

The man that never sleeps.