Are Dubliners unromantic?

Dubliners are the least romantic men in the country, according to the finalists in the latest competition to find Ireland’s most unromantic man.

The unromantic men were exposed by their partners for the chance to win a five star vacation with the Cyprus Tourism Organization and almost 40 percent of the finalists hail from Dublin.

One male Dubliner thought it would be a great idea to buy his girlfriend gym equipment, as a late Valentine’s gift to help her with her “fat belly”, according to the Evening Herald.

On route to the hospital with his wife who had broken her arm, another husband dropped his injured partner off at a bus stop when he realized he had forgotten his cell phone.

"I explained that if we turned around I would be late (for my appointment),"  said Edel Byrne from Dun Laoghaire.
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"My loving husband pulled into the bus lane and told me to get the bus. I hobbled out of the car and stood, on one foot, waiting for the number seven bus."

According to Naomi Casey, his husband Dwain does not have a "romantic bone in his body".

The Dubliner didn’t even manage to get his wife a birthday card for his new wife during their honeymoon.

"On Valentine's Day he went to a club by himself while I stayed home with our two young children," she said.

Stay tuned to find out who will be officially crowned as Ireland’s most unromantic man, when the winner is announced on Thursday.