Drinking water - essential for health

Second only to air, water is essential for human existence. A healthy approach to diet requires plenty of fresh, clean water.

Properly balanced, the human body is comprised of 61.8 percent water by weight. Protein accounts for 16.6 percent; fat, 14.9 percent; and nitrogen, 3.3 percent of human body weight. Other elements constitute smaller percentages of body weight.

Water needs to be constantly replenished. Most adults should consume between one half gallon to one gallon of water per day, depending on body weight and activity levels.

Caffeinated beverages and alcohol, (including beer), dehydrate the body. Optimally, consumption of alcohol, coffee and caffeinated teas should be limited. When consumed, additional water should be taken to offset the dehydration caused by the use of these products.

There is clear evidence that increased water consumption alone would significantly reduce the incidence and severity of many of the chronic ailments which plague today’s world. People could lead longer, healthier lives if they simply consumed greater amounts of pure, clean water.

When dieting for weight loss and better fitness, water is an essential key for success. Before counting calories, or making decisions about various supplements, proteins and carbohydrates, any dieter must consider whether or not they are consuming adequate amounts of water. Water works to balance chemical reactions in the body that are vital to normal function. 

Getting fit and getting healthier requires better lifestyle, better habits. A good place to begin is by simply adding adequate amounts of water each and every day. For most people that means consuming eight to ten 8oz. glasses per day. It’s also a great idea to limit coffee, tea, and alcohol to no more than two cups or two drinks within a 24-hour period.

Water is essential for nearly every system in the body. Most people are unfortunately dehydrated and over the long term, a person’s health will suffer considerably. Drinking more of this essential liquid can make a world of difference to health over a lifetime.