Angela Scanlon

 So, I'm just back from covering shows in London and it's been a bit mad. Madly wonderful actually.

As you already know I'm pretty obsessed by 'street style' fashion and there is no city like London for it, no time like fashion week. Everyone is out to get papped and the looks are very styled but in an undone way. Characteristically contradictory!

The image is by Dunja at StyleDissection was taken on the last day where I rebelled against the mandatory high heels and opted for comfortably ugly shoes from Topshop.

Just to set the record straight I'm a forever fan of ugly-beautiful shoes. It's a phenomenon that always draws me in... so ugly they're beautiful or on the flip side so beautiful they're ugly!

Angela Scanlon

The above image was taken, on the same day obviously, by Yvan Rodic or The FaceHunter as most of you will know him as. I've been a fan of his shots for donkies so was happy to appear on his blog next to some impossibly stylish/well heeled chicks! Here's a shot of another outfit I wore as it appeared on Grazia Daily.

Wearing; Louise Gray for Topshop tee (New Gen collection), COS coat, vintage espadrilles, Joanne Hynes 'rag-doll' necklace, flouro clutch from Coco.

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