For his 165th birthday, Google honored Irish author Bram Stoker who penned famous Gothic novel ‘Dracula’ by featuring him on their homepage Google Doodle.

Stoker was born in Dublin in 1847. An ailment that confined him to his bed in his early childhood for a number of years allowed him to immerse himself in literature, with a special focus on Irish folklore, which would later come to influence his literary endeavors.

Though perhaps most famous for his work on ‘Dracula,’ Stoker has a number of other literary works which deal with the supernatural and occult. Aside from ‘Dracula,’ a number ofStoker’s works are available for free online via The Gutenberg Project - ‘The Jewel of Seven Stars,’ ‘The Lady of the Shroud,’ ‘Lair of the White Worm,’ and ‘The Man.’

Last month, Dublin paid homage to the centenary of the famous author’s death with the inaugural ‘Bram StokerFestival: My Name is Dracula.’ The event included screenings, talks and readings all relating to Stokerand his literary influence.