Donie Carroll.

The Cork balladeer Donie Carroll from Douglas has once again organized a massive night of entertainment on behalf of the Mercy Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, whose very difficult mission is to improve the lot of children who are the victims of the drug and sex slave culture in the city slums.

By offering much needed medical attention and educational opportunities to so many under the watchful and attentive eye of Father Joe Maier over many decades, it provides a ray of hope in their otherwise sorrowful lives.

The role of Father Joe and the Mercy Centre was first brought to the attention of Carroll – and Chuck Feeney’s Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation — by musician Dr. Mick Moloney, who befriended Father Joe and now provides a musical chain and connection to many of the finest traditional musicians here in the U.S. and Ireland to help out.

On Monday, November 18, the doors of the Irish Repertory Theatre (132 West 22nd Street, New York) in the Chelsea section of Manhattan will open at 6:45 p.m. for a welcome reception before the 8 p.m. show begins.

The talent roster includes musicians Joanie Madden, Margie Mulvihill, Gabriel Donahue, Mickey Coleman, Erin Loughran, Martin O’Connell, Tony DeMarco, Tara O’Grady, Caitlin Warbelow, Victor Cuneen, Paul Carroll, Sean Henshaw, Dan Neely and Don Penzien along with dancers Niall O’Leary  and Siobhan Butler and Seanachie Dan Larkin. Donations are $50 per person and all checks made payable to the Mercy Centre.

If you cannot make it to the Irish Repertory Theatre, it just so happens there is another conduit for making a donation to the cause as Carroll and Donahue are taking to the Internet on Saturday, November 16 at noon at, the home of a great deal of live music, streamed these days to anywhere with an internet connection.

Musician Dan Gurney serves as the president of Concert Window, which he co-created. The site recently launched a series of house concerts to supplement their streaming audio/visual concerts from many of the fine music concert venues around the country.

Webcam technology now makes it possible for short homespun interactive concerts to be aired for little or no cost, and the artists can benefit directly from the generosity of whatever audience offers by way of an “admission” fee online.

For this broadcast by Carroll and Donahue, the beneficiary will be the Mercy Center. Donations of a “dollar to a million” will be turned over by Carroll for his share of the money collected for the worthy charitable operation.

Or visit to make a direct contribution.