Americas original Tea Party against the British in 1773 symbolized throwing off a tyrannical yoke on a freedom loving people. A few years later, in 1787, French citizens inspired by Americas success, took to their streets. Both the British and French aristocracy of the day, ignored their citizens protests and found out the hard way the price for being tone deaf.

Today's Tea party has inspired millions of Americans to peacefully demand that the government change direction. As a result of this grass root flexing of citizen power, there was a seismic shift in the political landscape. American voters galvanized to show their determination for change at the voting booth and sent a message to their rulers in DC.

It seems this lesson in grass roots citizens taking power back from their government wasn't lost on citizens in the middle east. In Tunisia a long standing regime toppled after their citizens took to the streets and said enough. Egypt's citizens took a cue from them and sent their ruler to an early retirement. It seems oppressed people in other countries are starting to feel the same unrest.

The citizens of Egypt, Tunisia, Algiers, Iran and the others have been and are demanding change and freedom. The wild card is that they have no present form of government structure to effect that change and with a power vacuum, what may emerge is not what they desire.

In America, there is a system in place for citizens to effect change on their government. We also have the guarantees of the constitution, to peacefully assemble in the streets and express our views. We are doing everything possible in a peaceful way to show the present government we want you to change course.