The brilliant Conservative strategist, Dick Morris and his Irish American wife Eileen, are visiting our Ireland for a vacation.

His Tweet before he left said:

"Off to Ireland with Eileen on vacation. Will tweet from that beautiful country now ruled by the right after the left screwed up its finances".

In Dick Morris style he has encapsulated the situation going on in Ireland with one sentence.

Since his trip started he has sent notes back extolling the beauty of the country, the food and wonderful people he has encountered.

But interspersed with the sightseeing notes, are deep political insights into the inner political goings on in America and what a precarious situation the world finds itself in, with the left in charge in Washington.

Dick Morris was Bill and Hillary Clintons confidante and main political strategist. Dick Morris with his strategic insights won the Whitehouse for Clinton and helped Clinton navigate through the political minefields of Washington DC. He honed the tactic of political triangulation.

But something happened to Morris while serving with the Clintons, disenchanted, he had an epiphany of sorts and resigned from their administration. He soon became a conservative fighting against Bill Clinton and later against Hillary with a zeal of almost religious convicition.

Dick Morris knows all of the intimate details of the Clintons and is wise in the ways of politics nationally and internationally. He is considered one of the most brilliant political strategists in the world and has traveled to democratic countries to work for political change...successfully.

Knowing how Mr. Morris is, raised my political antennae and made me ponder if there was more to his trip than just a sightseeing expedition. Did he have anything to do with last years stunning win by the "right" in Ireland? Is he laying the groundwork for another campaign?

Sometimes things aren't as simple as they appear.