As reported, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann will be honoring publicans who have supported the Irish musical tradition, by providing a home for traditional sessions.

I'm sure no one at CCÉ meant insult, but the list was (as reported)--incomplete--and the fault is mine for leaking their list before the awards were given out. There was some upset, which I want to fix. Investigative journalism is an on-going process, and I'm glad it's all being sorted. I'll do my best to report updates on the publican honors.

John Nevin should also be honored for being there week after week for more than a decade. Dempsey's is so successful, because on Tuesday, the Irish Arts Center music classes let out, and everyone has a welcome home to play music afterwards, and that fáilte comes from John Nevin, tirelessly. He invented the term weather weenies for those who don't brave the weekly phenomenon, come rain, sleet or snow.

All levels of musician play music at Dempseys, it's a very warm atmosphere with John Nevin especially to make it so much fun.

I'll be following this up with the stories I had intended to write on Dempseys' scene--I had spoken with Colin about it last week, but because I leaked the list before Comhaltas had meant to, I'm correcting the record as corrections come in, and giving a shout out to Dempseys, where the pints are 20oz.