Obama's Canadian manufactured campaign bus had more company under its crowded undercarriage.  Joining Reverend Wright, Officer Crowley, ACORN, Poland, Van Jones, David Patterson and Grandmother Dunham, were two new additions, God and Israel…. It’s getting grisly under there.

Surely the Democrats who crafted this years political platform, must have known someone would notice they erased all mention of God in the Democrat mission statement, besides members of their targeted special interest groups they sought to appease.  In their zeal to placate atheists, agnostics, the environmentalists and the rest of the secular humanist movement, they probably estranged a huge percentage of Americans who believe in God …But perhaps the crafters of the democrat road map prayed it wouldn’t be noticed by those who would take offense at the absence of God in their platform?

But the awkward and inconvenient truth hidden in the document didn’t escape the hawk eye of Fox News anchor Bret Baier, who confronted Illinois Senator Dick Durbin during an interview yesterday. Durbin, clearly on the defensive when asked why, after years of having God mentioned in the Democrat platform, is this years platform devoid of the Deity’s name?

Durbin chose to turn the argument around and attack Baier and claim it was only a word left out, no big deal…”Nothing to see here now move along.”  But veteran newsman Baier isn’t one to be intimidated by a bloviating Senator and persisted in asking the question.  Durbins final answer was a belligerent, bizarre, nonsensical answer, that was a non answer.

The truth is, and Durbin and the rest of his party know it, leaving God out of the Platform would be offensive to many Americans and there is no way to squirm out of it.

As if to drive home the point the new Democrat party is going into a radical new direction and jettisoning old friends, the platform was devoid of mention that Jerusalem is the recognized capital of Israel.  Perhaps this was done to pick up the Muslim/anti Israel vote, with the calculation American Jewish voters will vote Democrat anyway, as they seem captivated by the Stockholm Syndrome.

Leaving out Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, further drove a public wedge between Obama and our ally Israel, at a most critical time for the Obama campaign. My recent interview with Israels Danny Danon magnified the feelings Israeli leadership has towards the Obama administration.  They say Obamas failure to provide strong leadership in the Mideast, jeopardizes their nations security. 

But later this afternoon, the Democrats quickly reinserted God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, back into their platform. The news announced on the floor of the Charlotte convention was met with a chorus of boos.  But the guess is that those boos, were tiny compared to the sighs of relief from Democrat leaders who know what the majority of voting Americans still hold dear to them. 

Those Americans would have been very willing to express dissatisfaction with this “new party” in November if the platform wasn’t restored. But even though restorations were made, there are other troubling positions in the platform that alienate many traditional Democrats. The attempt to take God and the backing of Israel out of the platform might have been the last insult to push them away from the party.

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