Frank Sharry (above) of America's Voice is fluent in Spanish. Which is helpful when you're trying to figure out what the Spanish language media is saying about immigration reform.

And what Sharry is reading adds up to a big flashing red danger sign for the beleagured Democrats.

Sharry says the Dems are in danger of losing seats in 11 key states because of the lack of progress on comprehensive immigration reform.

He cites an editorial in today's La Opinion which is headlined "No More Empty Words."

La Opinion, which Sharry says is the country's leading Spanish-language newspaper, blames the Democrats for blocking comprehensive immigration reform.

And thanks Frank for translating for us!

"For many years, Republican intransigence was responsible for blocking comprehensive and fair immigration reform. Now the White House and Congress are in the hands of Democrats and the stalemate continues. House and Senate leadership are responsible for failing to place immigration reform on the agenda, and for failing to influence their ranks so that legislation is brought forward for consideration."

Sharry says the closing graph should make the Democrats shudder:

"Promises made during elections win votes and create hope. The commitment to immigration reform attracted many votes and fed the hopes of millions of working people. Now Congress must keep its promise."

He says immigration is a "defining" issue for Hispanics. And for obvious reasons. The anti-immigrant rhetoric is overwhelmingly aimed at people south of the border.

I think if Irish people were being demonized to the same extent their Irish American brethren would close ranks too.

What next for immigration reform? How important is the Hispanic vote to either party? Is it important enough for Congress to finally start doing some work on immigration?

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