The stark reality of lawlessness comes home to the citizens of Wisconsin when their lawmakers are advised to skip St. Patricks Day ceremonies. Law enforcement doesn't think they can protect the lawmakers due to death threats received.

Madison Wisconsin has been assaulted by organized crowds of out of state protesters. They filled the streets and clogged the capital building. In a coordinated move with the unions, Wisconsin Democrat legislators flew the coop in order to paralyze the lawful legislative process and let the crowds work their chaotic mischief for over 3 weeks.

There have been threats of violence, intimidation, 7.5 million dollars of vandalism, economic threats and death threats to those who carried out the mandate of the voters.

The final insult to the capital however, was to have multi-millionaire capitalist, Michael Moore fly in to lecture the crowd on the holiness of collective bargaining. Ironically, Moore doesn't hire union workers on his own films..oh the hypocrisy!

Of course with the amount of press coverage in Madison, like a moth drawn to a flame Jesse Jackson showed up. As if someone pulled his string, he came out with a canned, off the wall speech, not relevant to the occasion. Seems he got his causes mixed up and although he had some rhymes, why did he have to talk about jobless and homeless, huh? This is exactly why the Wisconsin lawmakers got the legislation signed into law, to prevent job loss and homelessness.

The fabric of a country is its respect for its democratic process and respect for its laws. Mob rule, death threats and intimidation are not a part of that.

The time is long past due for President Obama to get off the golf course and get on Air Force 1 for the flight to Madison Wisconsin. He can dust off his Tucson "civility speech" with a few edits, load it into the teleprompter and tell the crowds it is time to be civil. Tell them in his Presidential way, to respect the legislative process, clean up the trash and repair the damage done to Madison. Tell them to go home and work on next years election.

This would be the most dramatic way for the President to take control of the situation and propel his image as commander in chief, the leader of our country. It is counter intuitive for his partisan beliefs, but it would gain him tremendous respect from the rest of the country to see their President be bold in such a volatile situation.

Do the unexpected Mr. president, surprise us. Time is slipping away.