Fat people can cause problems at cremetoriums

The world-wide obesity epidemic has become so prevalent it is now affecting the dead.

Last week, a crematorium in Graz, Austria, was engulfed in flames during what was anticipated to be a routine cremation. Officials are blaming the size of the deceased woman's body for the incident, saying she was simply too large to burn.

The blaze caused massive damage to the facility, and covered firemen with a thick, greasy, sticky black soot.

According to reports, the woman weighed about 440 pounds.

The cremation chamber reached about 575° when it began to catch fire, causing black smoke to rise from the building.

Fire fighters were immediately summoned to the scene in what proved to be a difficult blaze to extinguish.

As a result of the incident, Austrian officials are considering a ban on extra-large body cremations until suitable facilities can be built.

Both Switzerland and the UK have implemented policies which require obese remains to be sent to specific facilities which can accommodate larger bodies and coffins. 

For those who may be edging ever closer to the day of your demise, it may be wise to take off a few pounds. Even if it doesn't help you live longer, it could save your loved ones a lot of extra arrangements in the end.