The recent storms that plowed through the east caused widespread power outages.  They are offering us an example of what it is like to have a society without electricity. To make matters worse, the outages are occurring during record heat, compounding the misery of millions of Americans.   But if this was happening during winter under record cold, it could be disastrous.

When you realize how much we take for granted such simple tasks as keeping the food in your refrigerator cool, operating your air conditioner, turning on the street lights, operating the electric fuel pumps at the gasoline station...Or charging your electric car, we are dependent on power.

Estimates for restoring power to the many millions without, range from a few hours to over a week. 

During past major power outages affecting America, statisticians have pointed out a spike in birth rates 9 months later, showing that television and electronics have a  birth control quality about them....Will 0bamacare show it's value by focusing in like a laser beam on women's contraception?  Time will tell.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been waging war on our nations sources of energy.  Since the beginning of the Obama administration, this war has escalated with the appointment of far left activists who are committed to getting us off of "fossil" fuels as a source of energy and replacing them with so called "renewables" of solar-wind.

Of course if past performance of "renewables" is any indication of future performance, the current power outages in the east are a good indicator of what's in store for us.  How would windmills fare under the assault of hurricane force winds, or even strong erratic winds?  Here's what's happening to some in the UK:

Wrecked by gales again as wind farms get 300,000 to switch off..... in high winds

Recent EPA rulings and regulations will force many energy producing coal fired plants out of business.  These plants cannot afford the drastically expensive retro fitting the EPA is forcing upon them and will drop from the power grid. It's not going to take many of these coal fired plants to drop off line before we see problems with energy delivery.

Video shows how cheap and abundant energy brings prosperity to the world

Gas fired power plants are being hailed as a good replacement for coal plants, but these are also "fossil" fuel and deep down there is resentment against this power source as well.

Time will tell what our brave new energy future will be under the guidance of the EPA.  Many people think expensive energy and energy shortages will be the norm.

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