Calorie burning at McDonalds...but not what
you think?

For years, McDonald's has been under attack for their calorie heavy foods and drinks.

One couple in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK, came up with an idea to actually burn calories at McDonald's - an idea which got them removed from the restaurant.

A smiling, well-dressed couple described to be in their mid-to-late thirties, entered a McDonald's located in the Galleria Shopping in Hatfield, England. Not long after, several mothers along with their children entered the ladies room only to find the smiling couple on the floor having sex. Others in the restaurant reported hearing loud "grunting and groaning" noises coming from the restroom.

Many of the parents and children were shocked, horrified and appalled at the scene according to reports. The incident was immediately brought to the attention of McDonald's personnel, who then called security. Security workers then escorted a couple from the shopping center. A Galleria shopping center spokesperson confirmed they had promptly removed the couple from the establishment and informed the police of the event.

Following the incident, a McDonald’s spokesperson told the press: “A couple were found behaving inappropriately in our toilets. As a family restaurant we take this very seriously and the couple were immediately asked to leave.”

A recent study, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham reports that the average sex act only burns about 21 calories. However, these studies were conducted in a traditional environment. Many experts believe that having sex on the floor of a restaurant would require many more calories, especially if there were multiple interruptions such as those that occurred at McDonald's.

Additionally, people generally do not eat and drink during a sex act, a fact which could substantially cut down on the number of Big Macs, super sized fries and sugary drinks consumed at such establishments.

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg a strong advocate for reduced junk food consumption, has yet to "weigh in" on the potential benefits of permitting couples to have sex in fast food restaurants.