There are a growing number of prominent and talented patriotic Irish Americans who have broken the stereotype of the Irish being in the sole realm of liberal Democrats.

Five term Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, from the Detroit suburbs, is one of those conservative rising stars. McCotter recently announced that he will be running for President and America is in for a surprise when they get to know this man a little better.

If you have ever listened to him, you will know he is Mensa quality intelligent. He is clever, quick witted, logical and modest. A lawyer by trade, he is also a skilled musician and a "Guitar Hero" when he plays lead on that instrument. His record as a lawmaker is impressive, with a strong conviction for conservative free market values. He is a strong personality and does not shy away from sticking up for his beliefs.

He is a member of: Ancient Order of Hibernians - Patrick Ryan Division, Incorporated Society of Irish American Lawyers, National Rifle Association, Right to Life of Michigan, Fraternal Order of Police, Monaghan Knights of Columbus, Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, State Bar of Michigan, United States Holocaust Museum, etc.

Whether McCotter can win is questionable at this time, but certainly he will leave his mark along the campaign trail. He is not afraid to speak his mind, even if it clashes with the powers that be in his own party, like when he castigated Bush for the Wall Street bailouts.

McCotter told TheDC’s Alex Pappas in mid-June that his would not be a vanity campaign but one with a singular goal, victory. “If I run, I would be in to win it,” he said.

McCotter was a frequent guest on Fox News’ popular 3 a.m. show"Red Eye". Host Greg Gutfeld was one of the first commentators to float the idea of a McCotter presidency:

“In my mind he is one of the few politicians who seems less interested in impressing celebrities or making cheap points of sentimentality than preserving the freedoms unique to our delightful island nation,” said Gutfeld.

Whatever the outcome of his Presidential bid, McCotter exemplifies the rising prominence of conservative Irish in American politics. Just like we do in the rest of the world when we blend into societies, we rise to the top and bring our own brand of intelligence, humor and tenacity to the host countries we adopt.

Here's a link to listen to his guitar playing:

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