Almost 3 months after suffering what would normally be a fatal gunshot wound to her head, Congresswoman Giffords is making a miraculous comeback. She just journeyed to Florida to see her husband pilot the space Shuttle Endeavor for its final mission to space. Although the mission had to be scrubbed due to problems in the Shuttles propulsion system, the miracle of seeing "Gabby" Giffords walk up the stairs to board an aircraft made us all cheer her on and marvel at her spirit.

Politics aside, I think we can all learn from her, strength and determination that has seen her overcome the odds and prove to us that sometimes no obstacles are too difficult to overcome.

Because right now Arizona is facing a very difficult obstacle in the form of the federal government. Arizona has been trying to defend its' border from an invasion of illegal aliens and the Obama administration is putting roadblocks in its way and many think it is for political purposes.

Arizona lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a law which required police to check the citizenship status of anyone they have stopped or apprehended for other reasons. Seems pretty simple and straight forward to most of us who want to know who is in our country.

But the Obama administration say that it is against the federal law to do that and have sued Arizona so they can't implement the law.

When she comes back to work in Congress I wonder if she will listen to the majority of the voters in Arizona and help her state protect its borders?

Time will tell.