Last week, the Irish Social Club of Boston finally picked up its new permanent liquor license from Boston City Hall. The license allows the club to serve alcohol every day of the week until 1:00 am. The club also recently recieved an entertainment license.

Around two years ago, a member mistakenly returned the club's previous full liquor license, which can often cost up to $250,000 to replace. The club used temporary licenses for months but it was difficult to manage.
Several months ago, the Boston City Council unanimously supported a homerule petition to give the Irish Social Club of Boston a permanent special full-alcohol license from the state.

City Council President Stephen Murphy said, "The Irish Social Club has been reinvigorated as a jewel in West Roxbury. This club is so much a part of West Roxbury and Boston. A mistake was made by a member of the board, instead of placing the license on hold – they turned it in. Truth be told, if they realized what was going on, and only one person did this, the (Alcohol Licensing) board wouldn’t have let this happen."
"The Irish Social Club is grateful for all the support it has received from the West Roxbury residential, business and greater communities as the non-profit organization works very hard to get back on its feet. Mayor Menino, the entire Boston City Council, through the leadership of President Steve Murphy, and Councillors Matt O'Malley and John Connolly, State Representative Ed Coppinger, State Senator Mike Rush and Governor Deval Patrick were instrumental in helping the non-profit organization get back to normal through the Home Rule Petition process requesting a legislatively granted liquor license. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen. The officers and members of the Irish Social Club extend sincere gratitude for the assistance in reopening the club."

For more information, please call Mary Maloney, President at 617-549-9812 or Mary Mulvey Jacobson, Corresponding Secretary at 617-971-0290.